This page is about how to summon a succubus or incubus. This is best done as a magical ritual, but can be done very simply. By simply focusing on the intent of having a succubus, or declaring out loud that you want to engage with a succubus, it may happen. However, it is better to think this through and do proper planning to avoid misunderstanding or unfortunate results. It is best to initiate an interaction by making a Letter of Intent, as outlined in the link below.

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Succubi engage with us through our psychic senses. As such, someone new to spirituality or the occult may have initial difficulty with communication and recognizing when contact is made. This is a process that leads to rewards. Typically contact is made within 24 hours, and can be in the form of feelings or the sensation of touch. The more you acknowledge the succubus, the more clear her presence will become.