An incubus (plural incubi) is the male counterpart to the more commonly known female succubus. Also known as Spirit Wives/Husbands. Incubi and succubi are a race of spiritual beings who are known to engage in sexual and romantic relationships with humans.

There is some debate over whether incubi and succubi are completely identical, and that as a species they inherently have no gender. Some believe they change their gender to suit the preferences of the human they're courting. While it is true that gender is more malleable in the non-physical dimensions, succubi and incubi do have their own respective genders. This has been confirmed by people who have relationships with them, and are able to communicate with them.

Incubi often change their appearance when engaging with humans in dreams, or through their psychic perception. They do have an "original" appearance, which they may not often display.

As with any romantic relationship, communication is important with an incubus. It is important for boundaries and rules to be established at the very early stages of the relationship. Incubi can be gay and involved in polyamorous relationships. Incubi can get angry or feel hurt. They can be possessive and jealous. Incubi demand respect in a relationship. They can be very loyal, protective and love fiercely. There are many advantages of a relationship with an incubus - they are interested in the psychic development and spiritual ascension of their human.

Trust is an important factor in a relationship with an incubus. It may take time for an incubus to reveal their name and personal information to their human.

As a spirit, incubi have a unique perspective of the human they're courting. They can hear your thoughts. They are aware of your feelings for them. A human romantically involved with an incubus becomes aware of an emotional connection that is formed between them.